Who should call Lighthouse Assisted Living home?

The answer is any senior who is looking for support and access to assistance
should they ever need it. It may be today, soon, or in the distant future, the
wonderful thing about Lighthouse is that you can be here through all those

You are free to live a self-sufficient life, and we encourage our residents to be as
independent as possible. You can still work, volunteer in the community, visit
friends and family and then come home and have your dinner served restaurant-
style or delivered to your suite.

There is a place for you here whether you are a man, woman, couple, introverted
or extroverted. Socialization is extremely important to your mental health. It
couldn’t be more true as you age and notice you may have fewer friends or family
around you. So, it is important to us that we get to know our residents and
surround them with friends, activities, and entertainment they enjoy most.

We promote and support you… while you live your best life!