Do you have a private dining room for parties or special occasions with family?

Yes, we have a private dining room in our Assisted Living building that you can reserve with 24 hours minimum advance notice, that we use for parties, anniversaries, or just a private meal with just family and your loved one.

Can I or a family member spend the night with our loved one?

Yes. Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance so that the care staff will be aware. We try to keep those visits no longer than three days maximum.

Can family pay to join my dad for lunch or dinner?

Absolutely. There is a guest meal ticket that can be purchased at the front desk or with the administration in advance for meals in the Assisted Living Dining Room.

What is the process of taking my mom on a family trip?

We just ask that you give us 24-hours-notice of when she is leaving and how long she will be gone. This will allow us to help her pack, prepare her meds and instructions for travel, and make sure she is ready to leave on time.

Memory Care


Is my loved allowed to be picked up by friend to go on various outings, is that allowed?

We would need for the responsible party to write a statement that you are aware of and in agreement with us letting your loved one leave and a list of people who are allowed to take them out of the community.

Would my loved one be allowed on Lighthouse outings to local restaurants and shopping?

Bus rides will be offered to residents as a change of scenery option. Outings at Lighthouse depend upon a resident’s ability to enjoy the outing; not all memory care residents actually enjoy outings the way the once did. Please keep in mind that residents that need the support of Memory Care often experience increased anxiety when going out to public places. Each resident will be continually assessed to determine if he/she is going to enjoy the outing or if it would be in their best interest to remain at the cottage and participate in an activity in an environment where they feel safe. Families are also always welcome to come with their loved ones on an outing.

Is there going be a breezeway or bridge to the cottages from the main building?

For safety purposes, residents will not be able to go over to the main building without staff accompanying them. Residents on Memory Care have impaired judgment and it is not safe for them to be unaccompanied outside for any period of time.