Lighthouse partnered with Lighthouse Therapy & Rehabilitation to offer onsite physical, occupational, and speech therapy services to our residents so that families and residents do not have to worry about transportation and rearranging their schedules t accommodate appointments. Residents have the freedom to set their own therapy sessions within department hours of operation. Therapists are happy to schedule or reschedule appointments to better serve the residents.

The therapy staff works with nursing personnel and can evaluate the resident in their own environment to deliver an interdisciplinary plan of care for each patient. The goal is to provide the highest level of care with a focus on healing the body, building confidence in the mind, and mending the spirit of each patient.

Lighthouse Therapy & Rehabilitation is owned and operated by the same local Lighthouse owners, which keeps us focused on the needs of patients as well as being a good community partner. We understand the importance of providing a quality therapy service to our patients to enable them to improve and maintain their highest level of independence.

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