What is Reflective Living?

Lighthouse is a new place of Reflective Living for seniors who desire a safe, beautiful and meaningful long-term care option on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Reflective Living is a term that embodies the character, mission and purpose of Lighthouse and the residents who will soon call it home.

With local owners and a mission to provide a place everyone truly enjoys calling home, Lighthouse is a unique, high quality care environment with a resident-centered approach focused on assisted living and memory care that treats everyone with love, dignity and grace.

The Highest Expectations

Community involvement is crucial to the health and well-being of our seniors. Residents are encouraged to stay connected to the community, and we proudly serve as a resource and support system for families and caregivers seeking guidance during a transition into senior living.

We have the highest expectations of our employees, and we make sure they always understand the “why” behind what we do with support from the local ownership team.

Through a team-oriented approach and a culture that inspires employees to get to know each resident, we empower our staff so they can make decisions to positively impact residents on a daily basis.