As Executive Director, I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with residents, families, and the community. I knew early in my nursing career that I wanted to focus on caring for the senior population. I wanted to help them, and their families decide if it were time to consider senior living and help them navigate through the process.

I am extremely proud of Lighthouse Assisted Living and Memory Care. We are unique from other senior communities since we offer services, such as an in-house therapy department and our residents with medical concerns can be seen by a Gerontologist or Nurse Practitioner.

We fully understand how overwhelming it can be on potential residents and families considering a move to a senior living community. We take each step of the process and break it down, from assisting with all the required medical paperwork, to what furniture to bring and how to approach move-in day to decrease anxiety for our new resident. We know there is an emotional transition for each resident and their family, and we pride ourselves on being “masters of transition” and handling the process with dignity and grace.

At Lighthouse, we also understand that the changes brought on by aging are both physically challenging and emotionally stressful. We get to know our residents’ lives and histories so when they exhibit any changes in their health, we can immediately address it with them, their families, and their physician.

Our success is based upon our residents receiving care with compassion, honesty, and respect from our dedicated staff; families enjoy peace of mind knowing their loved one is getting the attention they need. We stand strong on the reputation we have built of providing care second to none.

Choosing the right assisted living community is critical to the wellbeing and future of our senior population. We would love to show you what we can do to help your family and are here to assist in the decision-making process so please do not hesitate to give us a call with any questions you may have. I look forward to meeting you!

Beth Joachim BSN, RN
Executive Director